Gagosian gallery stairs and balcony.
Gagosian gallery stair detail.
Gagosian gallery exhibition area with glass roof.
Gagosian gallery exhibition area.

The gallery occupies the ground floor of a slab and podium residential building from the 1960s; the exhibition space is in the podium with viewing rooms and offices on the first floor of the building above.

Without natural light from above, galleries are artificially lit, the colour of which can be controlled from warm to cool, or to follow the intensity and colour of external daylight via a sensor-controlled LED system located on the roof.

One of the main features of the project was the flooring, which is constructed of engineered timber with a surface of large, oak end-grain blocks that were fumed dark brown and laid with alternating grains glued to layers of plywood over the shell & core sub-floor.

Andrew Dufty (Project Manager, Employers Agent)

Project Details