Project Description

Testing equipment at the James Turrell exhibition, Gagosian Gallery.
Lighting detail of the James Turrell exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery.
Detail of the James Turrell exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery.

castle-davis managed the design, cost and construction for new installations by world-renowned artist James Turrell.

The principal challenge of the project was to develop methods of construction to meet exceptionally high finishing standards required for Turrell’s work, within an uncompromising installation programme.

The exhibition included part of the ‘Perceptual Cell’ series, ‘Bindu Shards’; a perfectly finished four metre sphere that offers a sensory experience, and ‘Dhatu’ from the Ganzfeld series. The latter installation forms a landscape without horizons, recreating a phenomenon commonly experienced by skiing in whiteout conditions or navigation through clouds and meditation.

Project Details

ClientGagosian Gallery
DESIGN TEAMJames Turrell
Andrew Dufty (Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor)